A neuroscientist and some grape skins vs. the pharmaceutical industry.

The most riveting article on pain cream you’ll read today.

In late 2017, NPR aired a two-minute segment on the science behind our new pain cream. It became such a popular segment that it left our customers hungry for more detail. So by popular demand and for the first time ever, here’s the whole story, from the beginning.

This is the entirely true, behind-the-scenes story of the first breakthrough in over-the-counter pain relief in a generation. It has everything: science, jealousy, luck, surprise, betrayal, pathos, and of course, more science. All it’s missing is a love story. Unless you count the love of a scientist for a good confocal microscope, which is between you and your own conscience.

The heroes to date: Dr. Ted Price. A neuroscientist with some international recognition in the study of pain, and his fellow neuroscientist cohort, Dr. Greg Dussor, a noted expert on migraine.

Dr. Ted Price of Ted's Pain Cream in a lab


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