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“My knees feel like when I was twenty years old. This cream really is unbelievable and works!!”

Joseph G. uses Ted’s™ pain cream for arthritis.

“This is the only pain cream that lives up to its name! I tell everyone I know about it!”

Sonja H. uses Ted’s™ on her joints for osteo arthritis relief.

“Immediate and long-lasting relief throughout the day”

Jesse B. uses Ted’s™ on her upper back.

“The nerve pain I get that's associated with a herniated disc in my L4-5 goes away completely.”

Michael L. uses Ted’s™ on his lower back.

“I would not have believed it was possible.”

Susan L. uses Ted’s™ on the back of her neck for migraine relief.

“The pain is relieved within a few minutes.”

Carla B. uses Ted’s™ on her thumb to relieve arthritis pain.

“Ted’s works so much faster than a pill (and I love the way it smells!)”

Ashley B. uses Ted’s™ on her back and shoulders.

How is Ted’s Pain Cream Different?

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You've got pain.
We've got Ted.

Dr. Ted Price leads an academic neuroscience research team at the University of Texas at Dallas. Their work led to a breakthrough in the field of pain research. And that breakthrough led directly to Ted’s™ Pain Cream.

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