Nociceptor hypersensitivity often outlasts the original injury. Untreated, it can even become permanent. Recent pre-clinical peer-reviewed research published by Dr. Ted Price and Dr. Greg Dussor suggests that the ingredients in Ted’s Pain Cream appear over time to reset the sensitivity threshold of nociceptors to their proper state.

Why that makes Ted’s better for athletes

Ted’s controls pain without risking further injury. It contains no CBD, which means there’s no risk of failing a drug test. FDA labelled. But the distinct ingredient, resveratrol, is not on the “active” list, since it’s not been through phase I clinical trials yet (we’re working on that).

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Why that’s good news for chronic pain patients

Chronic pain is notoriously difficult to treat. Dr. Ted Price and his academic neuroscience lab have not only done work to understand its mechanisms and origins, they’ve also created a low-cost, simple solution for many of those patients.

The Journal of Neuroscience
Molecular Pain

Read the peer-review yourself.

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Ted's Professional Strength Pain Relief Cream


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