The Ingredients

You probably have heard of resveratrol, the powerful anti-aging molecule found in red wine (ours comes from grape skins or from japanese knotweed). Well it turns out resveratrol may do a lot more than just keep away wrinkles. When you combine resveratrol with a salicylate (like wintergreen oil in Ted’s Pain Cream or trolamine salicylate in Ted’s Pain Gel) and put it on something that hurts, suddenly, by all appearances, there’s brand new, very exciting chemistry happening.

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The Ingredients

The Science

So why is Ted’s™ Brain Science Products so different from every other pain treatment in the world?

To explain that, we have to explain pain (don’t worry, this will only hurt a little).

Here's a short video we made on the basics.

To go a little more in depth, when you get an injury, the nerves nearby do more than just carry the pain signal to your brain. They become hyperexcited, which means they turn up the volume on all other sensations. So after an injury, much of the pain you feel can actually be false pain caused by the volume on your nerves being "too loud".

Over time, this hyperexcitability mechanism can turn into chronic pain. It can even lead to pain killer dependency and abuse. It doesn’t have to, though.

Through his research, Ted and his team discovered that the ingredients in Ted’s™ Brain Science Products appear* to turn the volume on nerves back to normal levels. So false pain gets eliminated, but true pain signals (the helpful, stop-doing-that-you’re-hurting-something! kind) can still get through.

*Important word there, “appears,” we want to be clear that our research is brand new – it’s been peer reviewed, but as academic scientists we’re reluctant to make grand claims without years and years of replication and re-review and re-re-view, so we’re speaking cautiously for now.

The best part? Our research also suggests that when applied three times a day, it only takes the ingredients in Ted’s™ pain cream a few days to turn the nerve pain volume back down, maybe even permanently. It’s worth mentioning that for some people, Ted’s™ takes longer to work than other treatments, but they also agree it more than makes up for it.

No other pain treatment is known to work this way.

Try Ted’s™ today and experience the difference yourself.

If you can’t get enough of our story, here’s the whole thing, from conception to today. Also, if you happen to enjoy dense, academic science prose and know your way around a methodology or two, feel free to dig into our research yourself.