The Ingredients, In More Detail

What is all this stuff, where does it come from?

Methyl Salicylate 10% (wintergreen oil)
Aqua (deionized water)
Arnica montana (arnica) extract
Boswellia serrata extract
Cetearyl olivate (from olive oil)
Cetyl alcohol (from palm oil)
Dimethyl sulfone (MSM) (from ocean water sulfur and marine plants)
Ethylhexylglycerin (from coconut)
Glycerin (from vegetable fat)
Glyceryl stearate (from vegetable oil)
PEG-100 stearate (for moisturizing)
Phenoxyethanol (found naturally in green tea)
Polysorbate-20 (for skin soothing)
Resveratrol (muscadine grape skin or japanese knot weed)
Sodium laurylglucosides hydroxypropylsulfonate (a sulfate-free surfactant derived from sugar)
Sorbitan olivate (from olive oil)
Stearic acid (from vegetable oil)

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