What’s makes it smell so wonderful?
That’s the wintergreen oil, also known as methyl salicylate. It’s related to the same ingredient in aspirin (which is why people with aspirin allergies should not use wintergreen oil).
God, what’s that awful smell?
That’s also the wintergreen oil. Yeah, some people really, really hate it. One of those people happens to be Ted. But when he hurts, he sets his personal preferences aside and uses his pain cream anyway. Sometimes it takes a little olfactory pain to deal with other, worse kinds of pain.
What is resveratrol?
It’s a powerful antioxidant found in red grape skin and Japanese knotweed. Recently it has become popular for its claimed anti-aging properties. Ted and his research partners have been studying it for years for its newly discovered pain fighting properties.
The label only lists methyl salicylate as the active ingredient, not resveratrol. Why?
We are required to follow the labeling guidelines of the FDA, which only recognizes resveratrol as a natural dietary supplement. While our research suggests it may in fact be the chief active ingredient in Ted’s™ pain cream, we can’t officially make that claim.
Why is Ted’s™ so minty?
That mintiness is entirely natural. Methyl salicylate (also known as aspirin) naturally occurs in wintergreen, which is why we use wintergreen in our formulation.
What is this other ingredient from and what is it for?
Here’s a more in-depth listing of our ingredients.
Where should I apply Ted’s™?
Anywhere with unbroken skin that hurts. It’s especially good on tendinitis, muscle strains, bruises, plantar fasciitis, and carpal tunnel. Just make sure you wash your hands before rubbing your eyes or touching sensitive areas – the mintiness can be a little uncomfortable.
How long does Ted’s™ take to work?
Ted’s™ works different than any other product. The relief can be longer lasting, but it also takes longer to take effect. You should notice improvement within a couple of hours. You also may notice that its effectiveness increases with every application.
How long should I use Ted’s™?
YOUR WHOLE LIFE ALL THE TIME NEVER STOP. Kidding. Actually, one of the unique things about Ted’s™ is that its effect seems to maximize around a week of use. And in many cases, once the nerve volume gets reset, it stays reset. Which means you may not need to use it more than a week.
What kinds of pain is Ted’s™ pain cream for?
Ted made it for his own tendinitis. It also works well on muscle strains, bruises, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel and more. We even discovered it works surprisingly well on itches.
Will there be more Ted’s™ Brain Science Products?
Yup. They’re all secret at the moment, but they’re coming.