Our favorite testimonials

Or perhaps you'd prefer our less favorite testimonials


“It has worked wonderfully for me. I highly recommend Ted’s pain cream.”
Joyce G

“It WORKS, especially if you follow the directions and apply 3x a day.”
Mary L

“This works best for my arthritis.”
Sue D

“I’m just glad I risked $19 and tried it.”
Don C

“It was this cream that took away ALL the nerve pain and muscle cramping noticeably in THREE NIGHTS.”
Cynthia B

“I’m currently on strong opiates that barely touch the pain. This stuff is the only cream that has ever done anything at all.”
Meredith H

“This cream works!! Starting using this after my husband who is a physician and researcher read about it. I’m sitting, walking, and enjoying my life without my cane.”
Sylvia C

“It was an instant winner - it worked great even on first application.”
Jennifer B

“I’m a retired internist, very skeptical of rub ons, who was amazed to find this really helps.”
Bob B

“I sometimes forget to take my oral meds at all, the pain is so much better.”
Pj B

“By noon my knees were almost pain free. It has blunted the pain in my hands and stopped the pains in my back and hip. I think it’s the best $20 I ever spend!”
Lynette C

“She was able to return to her favorite activities, much to her (and my) relief”
Eric P

“It works for my foot pain!”
Jane C

“This stuff works. My hands/wrists burn all the time from tendinitis and this really helps.”
Teresa C

“I tried it after suffering from neuropathic foot pain for several years. Ted’s Pain Cream gave me lasting relief within 24 hours.”
Don C

“Love it and advertise it to all my friends and patients (ICU RUN). Bravo!”
Tanya H

“Put some on my arthritic hands and they felt immensely better in a few minutes. Good stuff!”
Lisa M

“Took away my scaitic pain in a week of use, it helps a ton w the arthritis in my knee and hand.”
Kim C

“Ted’s Pain Cream works like nothing else I’ve ever tried, and I’ve them all!”
Sylvia C

“Thank you for making this, keeping it affordable, and for caring about people in pain. We appreciate it!”
Meredith H

“Within 24 hours of applying Ted’s Pain Cream, I found the pain 90 percent reduced. It no longer troubles me at all. I’m able to sleep through the night.”
Don C

“It works great. Most of these don’t for me. Thank you!”
Teresa E

“An hour later the spasms were gone, I could bend over and I could walk. I’m a believer!”
Eileen L

“Although more expensive than Biofreeze, the results are better with Ted’s.”
David A

“I have used Ted’s cream on my back, and within a week, I no longer needed a heating pad or ice pack, both of which i had used for several months.”
Joyce G

“It was worth the $19 to check it out. Will buy again.”
Susan J

“This has turned my life around! I sleep great, and walk around without constantly aching! Thank you everyone at Ted’s Pain Cream!!!”
Sylvia C

“Got mine today put it on my ankles and they don’t hurt anymore.”
Cydney F

“This stuff really works - at least on an irreparable torn rotator cuff.”
Charlie L

Honi G

“Cheaper than doctors, no side effects, and in this case, excellent results. Give it a try for chronic pain.”
Eric P

“This cream is amazing. Wasn’t expecting much but gave it a try.”
Janet W

“In a short time I experienced the only real relief of pain I have had in years.”
Val S

“I was dubious. I’ve had chronic pain for 10+ years. I’ve been using this cream for a week and I can’t believe it bu, OMG this stuff works! I felt relief the very first day. I’m stunned (And so very thankful!)”
Nicole H

“For the first time in months, today I’m not limping. I kid you not. The results have been jaw-dropping.”
Craig Duckett

“My husband didn’t believe me and had some on his hands from helping me. He stopped talking in mid sentence to look at me - he said my psoriasiatic arthritis pain in my fingers is gone!!! Truly amazing stuff!!”
Brenda A

“This is not a scam product, i can’t recommend it enough as it has given me amazing results!! Go try it!!!”
Sylvia C

“This stuff is different. I am placing an order for 3 more tubes.”
Sid A

“Thanks guys for this product. It has really made a difference in my life.”
Val S

“Add this to the list of things not to run out of.”
Cynthia B

“It works better than anything I have tried and I have tried everything.”
Jerry S

“I have tried everything. Creams, braces, exercises … nothing helped until now.”
Val S

“Decided to test the cream on the carpal … 3 days later almost no pain. This is with me quilting and sitting down to the piano keyboard for the first practice session in 5 years.”
Karen L

Our less favorite testimonials

As scientists, we believe it’s important to include a representative sampling of the data. Our products don’t work for everyone. So, for possibly the first time in marketing history, here are some testimonials from people our product did NOT work for.


“Been using for almost a week 3x a day on my feet for nerve issues. So far I haven’t noticed a change."
Cathy R

“Zero pain relief."

“I was not impressed."
Beverly F

“Sadly for me this hasn’t worked any better than other over the counter creams."
Melanie T

“The smell is still too strong. Too bad. I had high hopes for this product. Scent matters!"

“It may work for certain types of pain, but it did not work on either of my very painful conditions."
Joy H

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