A neuroscientist and some grape skins vs. the pharmaceutical industry.

People are putting this WHERE?

In late 2017, NPR aired a two-minute segment on the science behind our new pain cream. It became such a popular segment that it left our customers hungry for more detail. So by popular demand and for the first time ever, here’s part 10 of an 11-part story on the discovery and creation of Ted’s Pain Cream. To read from the beginning, click here.

Early customers of Ted’s Pain Cream reported a surprising result: Migraine sufferers claimed relief in overwhelming numbers and magnitude. While exciting, this finding presented a real puzzle to the whole team. Especially to Greg.

“I have studied migraine most of my career, and I feel a little foolish that it never once occurred to me to try our cream for headache,” recounts an embarrassed Greg. “My first question was ‘how is this even possible?’ My second question was, ‘where are they putting it?’”

Dr. Greg DussorSo Greg contacted some customers to find out. The answer helped shed some light on a potential mechanism of action. “Turns out,” he says, “They were applying to the back of the neck and the temples.” That helped answer some questions for Greg, and softened his initial skepticism. The skull is surrounded by a network of nerves that convene at the spot where the neck meets the skull. Getting some medicine into that area could in fact, according to Greg, disrupt the electrical storms that lead to migraine. “I’m still tickled by this,” he says.


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