Ted’s Brain Science Announces New Professional Strength Pain Cream

Dallas, Texas, August 18, 2020 — Ted’s Brain Science today announced the release of their third OTC pain product, a Professional Strength Cream that for the first time ever combines resveratrol with lidocaine. Ted’s topical analgesics are based on innovative new science that has provided pain relief for thousands of individuals. Users of the original pain cream and pain gel have reported success in alleviating muscle strains, bruises, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, and migraines.

“Now with the introduction of this new Professional Strength Cream, we are excited to introduce a new formula that dramatically increases the amount of resveratrol at the site of pain”, remarked Dr. Ted Price, University of Texas at Dallas Eugene McDermott Professor, Director of the Center for Advanced Pain Studies and Co-Founder of Ted’s. “We are excited to see how this innovative new product will take our scientific work on resveratrol to a new level of pain relief for consumers.”

For the new Professional Strength product, the company took the ingredient in Ted’s research and added it to lidocaine. The Professional Strength Cream contains a higher concentration of resveratrol than the popular original cream. The new product is also unique in that it does not contain methyl or trolamine salicylate, making it a viable option for pain sufferers who are unable to use NSAIDs.

The company, founded by two neuroscientists at University of Texas at Dallas, through pre-clinical research, discovered that resveratrol appears to turn the volume on painful nerves back to normal levels. This eliminates pain that is bothersome to most individuals, but allows protective pain signals (the helpful, stop-doing-that-you’re-hurting-something kind) to still get through.

The U.S. market for topical over-the-counter (OTC) analgesics alone is estimated at over $500M. Ted’s Brain Science is poised to capture a significant share of this market. Additional information on the Company’s products can be found at www.tedsbrainscience.com.

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