Ted's Pain Gel - Full Year of Relief Monthly
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Ted's Pain Gel
Full Year of Relief Monthly

Now you can give the gift of relief, all year long.

Send someone you love (or just like a little more than average) a gift subscription to Ted’s Pain Gel and save 15% off regular price. They’ll get a new bottle of pain gel every month.

Order by December 17th to ensure Christmas delivery.

Unscented roll-on

We combined the natural ingredient from Dr. Ted Price’s peer-reviewed, pre-clinical research with a proven pain-fighting salicylate called Trolamine Salicylate. Unlike the wintergreen oil in Ted’s Pain Cream, trolamine salicylate is not even a little minty. It’s odorless.

Please note that the resveratrol in the gel can lead to a brown coloration, which is normal. Shake before using, and make sure to RUB IT IN WELL.

Learn more about the science here. Or skip right to the peer-reviewed research and read it in Ted and his research partners’ own words.

Ted’s Pain Relieving Cream 3oz roll 10% TS, NDC#: 58133-201-03
Patent Pending

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