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Dr. Ted Price’s peer-reviewed, pre-clinical neuroscience research has suggested that a molecule found in grape skins and other plants may target pain-sensing nerves in a new way.

Now Ted has combined that ingredient, resveratrol, with the natural and proven pain-fighting ingredient in wintergreen (methyl salicylate) to make a whole new way to outsmart pain.

Unlike other topical treatments, Ted’s™ doesn’t numb your nerves, nor does it simply distract you with menthol or heat. According to Ted’s pre-clinical research, resveratrol may reset the pain threshold in injured nerves, cutting back on false pain, while allowing important, true pain signals to still make it through.

Learn more the science here. Or skip right to the peer-reviewed research and read it in Ted and his research partners’ own words.

Ted's Pain Cream, 85g, NDC#: 58133-200-03
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