The Good

Other than a cool, minty sensation, there’s one other Ted’s™ side effect worth mentioning: Using Ted’s™ Brain Science Products helps lessen some of the financial pain of a neuroscience degree for talented students in need.

Neuroscience is growing like never before. Researchers are poised for breakthroughs in an incredible range of conditions, many of which until now have been untreatable. Ted’s™ believes that the more great minds from diverse backgrounds we can get into the field, the better the future will be for all of us.

Every purchase of a Ted’s™ Brain Science Product supports a neuroscience scholarship for a worthy student, as well as providing real-world research experience in our own labs at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Our focus this year is the Larry Cauller Neuroscience Travel Fund, which helps budding students travel to important scientific conferences, which is a hugely important part of building a successful career in research.

As we grow, we’ll keep you updated on our progress, and on the progress of the students you help us support.

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