The Brains

Dr. Theodore Price

Dr. Theodore Price

Who is Ted and why should you trust him? He’d honestly rather you didn’t. As a lifelong scientist, Ted doesn’t deal in trust. He’d much rather test things himself, and he’d rather you do the same (unless you happen to be his infant daughter reading this in the future, in which case, Daddy is always right).

Anyway. Dr. Price is a member of the American Pain Society. He got his start in neuroscience exploring the role of cannabinoids in brain chemistry (yes, that word means what you think it does, and yes, there is legitimate and respected research being done on cannabis). But later research led him to an interest in how resveratrol interacts with pain signaling. Now he heads up the undergraduate neuroscience program at the University of Texas at Dallas. Ted’s™ pain cream was born in his own lab. Nursing a lingering high-school football injury, and tired of the available products that were little more than counter-irritants, Ted whipped up his own salve one day on a whim. Using the most promising ingredients from his own research, he applied that very first batch of Ted’s™ pain cream to his own Achilles. As you can probably guess, he was pleased with the results. Maybe a little too pleased (fair warning - don’t bring it up with him unless you have at least 40 minutes to spare). You can read more about the resveratrol research that led to Ted’s™ Brain Science Products here.

Dr. Greg Dussor

Dr. Greg Dussor

Dr. Greg Dussor is the other resident neuroscientist at Ted’s™ Brain Science Products. Greg enjoys struggling his way into the nearest hammock with a tall glass of lemonade and the current issue of Cephalalgia (remember issue 39 in vol 33? Such a great one). A quick scan of Greg’s CV will paint a picture of a man entirely obsessed with pain. Among other things, Greg was awarded a Future Leaders in Pain Research Award from the American Pain Society, and sits on the editorial board of the journal PAIN. So you’re probably wondering why it’s called Ted’s™ Brain Science Products if it’s really Ted and Greg’s Brain Science Products. The short version is that the marketing team was like, “Ted’s™ just sounds better.” And Greg was all, “Cool, whatever.” Greg is super chill that way.

Dr. Lucas Rodriguez

Lucas Rodriguez

If Ted and Greg are Ted’s™ main active ingredients, Lucas is its carrier molecule (sorry, that’s a little light pharmaceutical metaphor for your reading enjoyment). Lucas’s educational background includes a PhD in biomedical engineering from UTD, with a strong elective emphasis in business and entrepreneurship. It’s that emphasis that’s the whole reason you’re buying Ted’s™ pain cream right now.

The short version is that Lucas was hanging out in Ted and Greg’s lab on a day Ted was showing off this new pain cream he’d made for his Achilles. Ted’s enthusiasm was infectious enough that Lucas tried it himself. Needless to say he was impressed. Impressed enough to come back the next day to Ted and Greg with a compelling pitch for bringing Ted’s™ pain cream to market.

Yadda yadda yadda, here we are.

David Hitt, III

David Hitt III

David Hitt, III, or “The Third” as his friends know him (also “Tre,” “Trips,” “D3,” “Threepio,” and “El Sepulturero” [long story]) is the behind the scenes detail master of Ted’s™ Brain Science Products. D3 likes details so much, he actually ran for his city council – that detail is actually true, unlike “El Supulturero,” which we made up to spice this bio up. David’s degree is in Finance and Accounting, which is one of many reasons why Ted and his team were eager to have him join the team.